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Knapp Medborgare EU/EES Knapp BEPS – ett arbete inom OECD scenarion för ombudshantering kopplat till API:et samt en roadmap för utvecklingen. part of democracy.98 In the EU, it has developed from its first entrance in 101 BEPS primarily relates to instances where the interaction of different “roadmap to building up a worldwide convergence on a common standard. relationerna mellan EU och Storbritannien är en IP Roadmap. BEPS. Kommittén har också diskuterat de idéer. EU-kommissionen har publicerat om beskatt-.

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It lays out the next steps in Ireland’s implementation of the various commitments we have made through EU Directives, the OECD BEPS reports and the … European Union: Dutch presidency issues EU-BEPS roadmap. The Netherlands, which currently holds the presidency of the council of the EU, issued an ambitious EU-BEPS “roadmap” on 19 February 2016 that sets out plans to move forward with previous EU proposals, as well as future efforts on areas relating to the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project. EU roadmap On 14 January 2021, the Commission released a roadmap announcing its plans for the introduction of a digital levy. The main objective of the initiative is to come forward with a measure that allows for a fairer contribution from companies that operate in the digital sphere for the purposes of the recovery and to support a more stable medium-term outlook.

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The document has moved here. The Tax Policy Roadmap of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council was Published on 30 January 2018. The roadmap is intended for the High Level Working Party on Tax Issues and includes the following: Direction Taxation.

Eu beps roadmap

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Eu beps roadmap

Dutch presidency issues EU-BEPS roadmap The Netherlands, which currently holds the presidency of the council of the EU, issued an ambitious EU-BEPS “roadmap” on 19 February 2016 that sets out plans to move forward with previous EU proposals, as well as future … 2018-04-12 2016-02-26 ROADMAP ON VACCINATION L EU public awareness initiative on vaccination during the European Immunisation Week Identify barriers to access and support interventions to increase access to vaccination for disadvantaged and socially excluded groups, including by promoting health mediators Presidency promoted and carried forward a concrete EU-BEPS Roadmap setting out a number of priorities for its term and highlighting other issues on which work could be foreseen in the mid or longer term (doc. 5968/15 FISC 15). This Roadmap was updated on 8 July 2015 (doc.

Eu beps roadmap

As a new BEPS member, Eswatini is committed to comply with the BEPS minimum standards, which are contained in Action 5 (countering harmful tax practices), Action 6 (preventing treaty abuse), Action 13 (transfer pricing documentation) and Action 14 (enhancing dispute resolution). The roadmap also identified “medium-term” BEPS work of lower priority. On this list is work coordinating EU rules on transfer pricing with the OECD, which will be undertaken by the Code of Conduct Group. Work on outbound payments, which could begin in spring 2016, is also on this list.
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Therefore, the roadmap envisaged three strains of work: a. It is important to consider that non-taxation could be evidence of an abusive purpose [indeed this is made explicit in double tax treaties post-BEPS Action 6 implementation of the MLI] but non-taxation alone should not be sufficient to deny directive/treaty benefits in circumstances where there is a substantive economic nexus between the counterparties (under a double taxation agreement) or The roadmap aggregates a common view on graphene and related materials (GRM) and offers strategic guidance for both the Graphene Flagship and the industrial uptake of graphene.

EU BEPS: Presidency of the Council roadmap on future work On 19 February, the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU circulated to EU Member States a Roadmap on EU BEPS, setting out future work in the Council during the coming months in the field of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) at EU level. EU-BEPS ROADMAP BY THE LUXEMBOURG PRESIDENCY 1. On 25 November 2014, at the High Level Working Party on Taxation (HLWP), a discussion was held on further work related to unfair tax competition, base erosion and profit shifting in the EU context (hereinafter – EU BEPS). It was noted that this work should be brought European Union: Dutch presidency issues EU-BEPS roadmap.
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ECHA and several stakeholder organisations have developed a plan for improving the content and use of exposure scenarios during the years 2013-2018, called the CSR/ES Roadmap. Several industry organisations and Member States have signed the commitment charter for this important collaborative effort. The Urban Transport Roadmaps project provides you with an on-line tool to help you develop your Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. Cities in Europe are vital centres of economic activity, innovation and employment. 3 February 2017 CFC Legislation – An EU, BEPS and Nordic Perspective Lund University, School of Economics and Management Peter Koerver Schmidt, PhD Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Law Department The Leaders held the 15th European Union – India Summit on the 15th July 2020.

BEPS and to ensure certainty and predictability for business. In addition to these conclusions, the OECD envisages developing an arbitration clause with a group of willing States (MS and non EU countries) which then should be implemented in bilateral DTC by way of a multilateral instrument to be developed under OECD BEPS Action 15. Moved Permanently.